Grade 7 Entreprener's Day

19 October 2020

The Grade 7 learners have been assigned a project in Economic Management Science (EMS) where they must showcase their entrepreneurship skills and test their business acumen.

In EMS, prior to the build up to Entrepreneur’s Day , learners were given the opportunity to meet with their business partners to discuss the names of their businesses, put plans in place, and discuss how to source potential products that would make a reasonable profit. Please note that this does not have to cost much money. Learners can initiate games or competitions or provide a service. Learners can create their own products. For example, baking cookies or cupcakes. Some other examples of goods include, but are not limited to, popcorn, hot chocolate, bookmarks, key chains, jewellery, homemade wind chimes or sun catchers, etc.

Remember, these are just ideas. We encourage our learners to be creative! In Creative Arts posters have been designed to advertise products and prices. These were placed around the school and classrooms to attract potential buyers. Covid-19 has forced us to have Entrepreneur’s Day over TWO Friday’s to cater for more potential buyers. (More opportunities to make a profit if they want to sell on both days!) The First Entrepreneur’s Day will take place on Friday the 30th of October - Grade 7’s will be selling to Group B (Grade RR/d,2,4 & 5). The Second Entrepreneur’s Day will take place on Friday the 6th of NovemberGrade 7’s will be selling to Group A (Grade RR/a, 1, 3 & 6). These are not civvies days and children should come dressed in their school uniform and wear their hats made from recycled materials. Learners will keep the profits from their businesses after deducting the expenses or paying off loans to parents. (Money earned can go towards the Grade 7 Farewell.)